Billion $ March Drive

“Do we Love ourselves enough to buy our own products”???

As Long as…people of African descent continue to buy product brands produced BY OTHERS:

We will continue to have:

  • Lowest Income
  • Highest unemployment
  • Highest crime and Police Terrorism
  • Poorest Housing

When we WAKE UP…and buy the PRODUCT BRANDS produced by OUR OWN people:

Then, we will control our own destiny and have:

  • Stronger Black Businesses
  • More jobs in our neighborhoods
  • Stronger Black families
  • ‘INTERNAL Reparations’

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– 1 Million consumers re-directing $3 a day = $1 Billion re-directed dollars = 20,000 jobs @ $50K per year!

Note: Other consumer groups don’t have to insist or demand their products be in major stores because they have their own distribution channel stores, communities/towns; Korea, China, Vietnam, Mexican, Little Italy, Little Havana, Greek Town, etc.