Hair Activates Inner-city Retailers (H.A.I.R.)

Support OUR H.A.I.R. Initiative (Hair Activates Inner-city Retailers) – A collaboration between several entities, including BAM!  OUR initial focus is to utilize barber and beauty shops to sell everyday products; skin and hair care, deodorant, toothpaste, cosmetics, nail care, etc.  OUR goal by 2020 is to establish 5,000 locations, Neighborhood Business Centers (NBC’s) to sell a minimum of $60K a year in #BLACKAmericanMADE products to their clients/customers.

Distribution Channels:

  • Off-line – Hair Shops; barber and beauty
    These outlets will primarily sell everyday, consumable products, e.g., hair care, skin care, cosmetics, nail care, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.
  • On-line – BAM! #BLACKAmericanMADE manufacturers website stores
    These online stores sell a wide variety of products; skin care, hair care, foods, clothing, shoes, furniture, gifts, educational, etc.
  • HBCU’s – hair and skin care products, coffee/tea, clothes, shoes, educational, etc.
  • Churches – Bulk goods; paper products (e.g. bath tissue), bottled water, packaged foods, fruits and veggies (weekend farmers)
  • Non-Black Traditional retailers – (e.g., Wal-Mart) ….Ask, Request, DEMAND their stores and online websites buy/sell #BLACKAmericanMADE products
  • Manufacturers EXPO – Annual showcase displaying #BLACKAmericanMADE products

*It’s critically important that ALL interested parties understand this must be OUR initiative, not just one entity or group, e.g., BAM!, BAMWay, NBAN, 1 Million, N’COBRA, Chamber of Commerce, Frats/Soros, etc.

Each group can create their own revenue stream by including NBC H.A.I.R. Shops.
The goal is to officially launch H.A.I.R. starting in September.


Re-directed spending Examples:

2017…10 cities x 20 shops = 200 @ $500/mo. = $100K x 3 mos. = $300K a year!
2018…20 cities x 40 shops = 800 @ $1000/mo. = $800K x 12 mos. = $9.6M a year!
2019…40 cities x 80 shops = 3200 @ $2K/mo. = $6.4M x 12 mos. = $76.8M a year!
2020…50 cities x 100 shops = 5000 @ $5K/mo. = $25M x 12 mos. = $300M a year!


OUR locations footprint would be larger than most major retailers, e.g., Kroger.