A wonderful article by our friend Jim Clingman of BLACKONOMICS and The MILLION on Making Black History.  Here is an excerpt featuring BLACK American MADE – BAM!

When Ken Bridges was killed by the DC Sniper, the morning after he and other Black business partners and supporters had consummated a multi-million dollar deal to advance the MATAH Network, the reality of having a Black owned distribution channel was stymied and began to fade into a fond memory.

Now, during this Black History Month, as we reflect on MATAH, P.O.W.E.R., and AHBAI, we see those “pyramids” that were built by our contemporaries, and we see how they “made” Black History. The same issues apply regarding our current willingness to make Black history in addition to just celebrating it, which is a great segue into what Ashiki Taylor and Franklin Mayfield are doing with their effort called “BAM!”

As former MATAH associates, Taylor a Regional Supervisor, and Mayfield the website developer and host for the site, these two brothers got back together and created a means to connect Black manufacturers of products with consumers throughout this country. Their overall objective is to give greater visibility to Black manufacturers, and to get Black consumers to pledge to spend incremental amounts each month on products made by Black people, thus, redirecting a significantly higher amount of our money toward one another. READ ENTIRE ARTICLE…